Machines for cleaning and sanitizing bakeries, pastry and ice cream shops

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The critical issues in this sector concern the maintenance and sanitization of production machinery and some areas where cleaning is really difficult.

The steam technology used by Novaltec Group is safe, does not damage sensitive places such as electrical parts and seals. Furthermore, the application of steam does not require prior protection of the particular areas as it leaves surfaces clean, dry and sanitized.

It significantly reduces water consumption and use of chemicals: in a single pass, all microorganisms, that can proliferate in the most hidden areas, are killed.

A high-temperature steam combined with a powerful suction system is able to dissolve and recover sugar and flour residues. It removes encrusted dirt form baking trays and ovens in a quick and fast way: also, excellent to recover condensation in refrigerators and leavening cells.

Some examples to use:

  • Removes grease from grills, baking trays, ovens and mixers;
  • Sanitizes steel tops, tiles and glasses;
  • Cleans blast chillers, combi and refrigerators;
  • Sanitizes work and support benches.
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