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Novaltec Group’s equipment is particularly suitable for cleaning and sanitizing facilities such as hotels, residences, bed and breakfasts and any other tourist accommodation business. They are especially indicated for fast and safe action in large and small environments, on surfaces ranging from carpets, ceramics, laminates through to armchairs, sanitary fittings and ventilation systems.

An underestimated but very important problem to solve concerns bedbugs.

The proliferation of these pests is widespread and frequent: they settle in rooms such as mattresses, pillows, upholstery and skirting boards. Thanks to the effectiveness of Novaltec Group equipment, such as the Black Hawk Refill steam generator, which sprays steam at 160°C able to kill parasites, the surfaces to be treated will be immediately clean and sanitized. To achieve an even more efficient result, the combination of steam with a Novaltec Groups ozone generator will make the environment more sanitized. In fact, ozone, thanks to its features, can break down any kind of bacteria and parasites in just few minutes. It also eliminates bad smells.

Some examples of use

  • Sanitizes sanitary fixtures and sinks;
  • Unclogs drains and eliminates unpleasant smells;
  • Removes stains from fabrics and upholstery;
  • Cleans lifts and air ducts;
  • Sanitizes food processing areas such as grills, steel tops, hoods, etc… 

Machines for cleaning and sanitizing Spas and Resorts

In these particular environments, where the proliferation of bacteria and mould is due to the continuous and frequent turnover of guests and humidity because of high temperatures, health and safety regulations must to fulfill specific requirements to make such facilities clean and hygienic.

Bacteria are reduced in a safe and eco-friendly way by using Novaltec Group’s professional steam generators: no chemicals and saving time thanks to the speed and convenience of our equipment.

Some example of use:

  • Sanitization of saunas, relax room, hammam and whirlpools;
  • Sanitization of bathrooms, locker rooms, showers and sanitary facilities;
  • Removal of possible stains from fabrics.
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