Steam Generator Special Applications

High-Steamer is an industrial steam generator available in powers ranging from 18 Kw to 48 Kw; it mounts a stainless-steel boiler that can range from 24 litres for generators with 18 to 24 Kw power and a 51 litres boiler for 36 to 48 Kw power. These large volumes allow a high quantity of steam to be supplied constantly.


Functional Specifications

The following models of the High-Steamer steam generator are available:

  • High-Steamer 18 Kw with 24-liter boiler;
  • High-Steamer 24 Kw with 24-liter boiler;
  • High-Steamer 36 Kw with 51-liter boiler;
  • High-Steamer 48 Kw with 51-liter boiler;

Available models

Stainless steel boiler: being made in stainless steel, there is no rust inside the boiler and, therefore, the supplied steam has no impurities.

Unlimited autonomy: Eno-Steam has a direct connection to the water mains to guarantee unlimited autonomy of the steam supply

Steam pressure: High-Steamer steam generator has a pressure of 10 bar with the possibility of adjustment up to 6 bar.

Hot water or detergent injection: it allows continuous hot water supply thanks to the dual pump system.

Control panel and knobs: there is a main switch, two switches to activate the two heating elements, two green lights indicating steam ready, a pressure gauge, and a knob for steam regulation.


  • 70-liter stainless steel water tank with float;
  • Cart;
  • Hot water or detergent injection module;
  • Accessories for cleaning and degreasing of metal parts, sheet metal, coiIs, machines tools and food belt cleaners.

Environment of use

High-Steamer is a high-performance steam generator, perfectly suited to different sectors such as the mechanical industry for washing and degreasing sheet metal and coils, or, used with the Evo Plus kit, for cleaning and surfaces treatment. In the food industry, it is often combined with an automatic or manual belt-washing system for cleaning Intralox belts.