Steam Generator Special Applications

The Eno-Steam industrial steam generator is a three-phase generator characterized by high capacities ranging from 18 Kw to 48 kw, Eno-Steam mounts a stainless-steel boiler ranging from 24 litres for generators with a capacity from 18 to 24 Kw and a 51-liter boiler for 36 to 48 kw, The advantage of having a large-volume boiler allows a high quantity of steam to be delivered constantly.


Functional Specifications

The following models of the Eno-Steam steam generator are available:

  • Eno-Steam 18 Kw with 24-liter boiler;
  • Eno-Steam 24 Kw with 24-liter boiler;
  • Eno-Steam 36 Kw with 51-liter boiler;
  • Eno-Steam 48 Kw with 51-liter boiler;

Available models

Stainless steel boiler: being made in stainless steel, there is no rust inside the boiler and, therefore, the supplied steam has no impurities.

Unlimited autonomy: Eno-Steam has a direct connection to the water mains to guarantee unlimited autonomy of the steam supply

Steam pressure: Eno-Steam steam generator has a standard pressure of 6 bar, but with the pressure reducer, you can adjust from 0.5 to 6 bar, leaving the amount of steam supplied unchanged.

Control panel and knobs: there is a main switch, two switches to activate the two heating elements, two green lights indicating steam ready, a pressure gauge and a knob for steam adjustment.


  • 70-liter stainless steel water tank with float;
  • Cart;
  • Pressure reducer from 0.5 to 6 bar (0.5″ and 1″);
  • Accessories for cleaning and sterilization of bottling plants, barrels and tanks.

Environment of use

Eno-Steam is a high-performance industrial steam generator designed mainly for the wine industry, breweries and oil mills. It can be combined with the lava barrique or connected directly, via a hose, to bottling plants to sterilize them. Very useful for sanitizing tanks.