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Novaltec’ s industrial steam generators are excellently suited for use in the sanitization of bottling lines, ensuring a longer service life for microfiltration cartridges, tank cleaning and barrel sterilization.

The steam generators we offer consist of various models with different power, temperature and pressure to encounter any requirement.

The steam cleaning system is totally eco-friendly as no chemicals are used.
Industrial steam equipment is also used for cleaning pipes, taps, and chrome surfaces such as those of silos.

Sanitizing bottling lines

Thanks to the accessories supplied with Novaltec Group steam generators, it is possible to directly connect the steam machine to the bottling line.

The steam generators sanitize with a pressure of 0.5 to 6 bar and a temperature of up to 160°C.

They are easy-to-use equipment and are fitted with a trolley or wheels (depending on the model), making them easy to move around.

Barrique cleaning and sterilization

The barrel washing accessory, designed by Novaltec Group for industrial cleaning machines, is an excellent tool for the sterilization and cleaning of barrels: it can reach the most difficult spots and, thanks to its powerful steam jet, removes all types of residues, bacteria and encrustations, leaving the surfaces dry.

Tank washing and sanitizing

Novaltec Group steam machines, thanks to the wide range of accessories, can also be used for sanitizing tanks and cleaning all those hard-to-reach parts such as taps, pipes, chrome surfaces, etc.

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