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The steam washing and degreasing system is excellent for the mechanical engineering industry, especially for surface treatment.

Saturated dry steam is an excellent conductor of chemicals, which are used for the phosphating, passivation and pickling process.

The advantages of using steam in the mechanical industry are many, one of them being the considerable saving of water and the consequent waste product to be disposed of; then the high standard of cleanliness, as, thanks to the high pressure and temperature of the steam, the result obtained will be excellent.

The steam phosphating process takes place in a single operation, i.e. by delivering dry saturated steam combined with a phosphating product that prepares the surfaces for painting. This process is used to alter the surface of the metal material, with the aim of improving corrosion resistance and allowing greater adhesion to the subsequent paint job.

Dry saturated steam combined with a phosphate-based chemical enables the passivation process, which results in the formation of a thin film that protects metal surfaces from oxidizing agents, thus slowing down the corrosion process.

The steam pickling process involves cleaning the metal material of welding residues. By using the High-Steamer industrial generator that delivers steam at high temperatures, it is possible to remove the calamine that forms on the surfaces of steel products during hot working and prepare the metal part for the subsequent passivation or chromium-plating processes, which will definitively protect the part.



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