Steam Cleaning and Degreasing of Machine Tools

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Novaltec Group offers a line of powerful, high-performance steam equipment for cleaning and sanitizing in the mechanical industry.

The main problem for companies in the mechanical industry is certainly the maintenance of presses, lathes or the cleaning of machine tools.

To remove grease and incrustations from lathes, presses, milling machines, boring machines, drilling machines and automatic machines, Novaltec offers a range of industrial steam generators with powers ranging from 7.5 kW to 48 kW.

Thanks to the high pressure and temperature of saturated steam alone combined with a powerful suction system, machinery is immediately clean and dry, thus reducing machine downtime.

Furthermore, steam eliminates the use of chemicals and solvents.
Steam cleaning and degreasing within industrial environments offers important advantages such as saving water as it uses no more than 25 liters of water per hour and allows machinery to be washed even within the plant as the waste product is minimal.


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