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The professional belt washer designed by Novaltec Group is a steam cleaning system to clean and sanitize conveyor belts in the food industry quickly, efficiently and automatically.
Saturated steam at 180° combined with powerful suction allows it to exceed the standards required by HACCP, leaving surfaces perfectly clean, dry and sanitized without the use of any type of detergent and in an automatic cycle without the need for an operator.

The big advantages are the drastic saving of water and the consequent disposal of waste product, the saving of personnel costs and the speed of cleaning and drying times

  • Improves food safety;
  • Eliminates the risk of pathogen contamination;
  • Can be adapted to any belt size;
  • Does not require removal and reinstallation of the belt;
  • No tape removal and reinstallation required.

Find out which food belt washer best suits your needs:



The study and design of this steam belt washer allow for an easy and quick installation thanks to its quick clamping system without the use of tools and without modifying the frame; entirely made of AISI 304 steel, it does not use brushes and does not damage the belt.

The steam belt washer is designed to be used on belts of different widths and is particularly suitable for smooth belts; in fact, thanks to its frame, it can move to cover the entire surface of the belt or can be custom-built according to requirements.

With the Novaltec belt washer, it is possible to use steam only or steam + hot water depending on the type of food residue to be removed.
The belt washer can be used after the production process or even during the production cycle by mounting it on the belt return.

Steam generators from 7.5 kW to 24 kW are used for this type of steam washing.



The automatic steam belt washing system is mainly suitable for Intralox, a type of belt that is particularly difficult to clean.

Thanks to the belt washer designed by Novaltec Group, it is possible to clean the belt, using only high temperature steam, with excellent results and time savings.

Entirely constructed in AISI 304 steel, it does not use brushes but exploits the rotational speed of a nozzle that removes all residues from the belt.

This steam belt-washer can be applied to belts of different widths in a quick and easy adaptable manner thanks to the universal quick clamp.

It is equipped with a control panel with touch panel to set the speed of cleaning and sanitizing operations and automatic washing cycles.

Steam generators from 9.5 kW to 48 kW are used for this steam washing system.

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