Cleaning and Degreasing Sheet Metal and Coils

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In order to obtain perfectly clean and degreased sheet metal and/or coils, a washing operation is required to completely remove residues of grease, oil and dust from previous processes.

Thanks to the High-Steamer steam cleaning system, it is possible to achieve high levels of cleaning and degreasing by drastically reducing the amount of waste product that would be obtained using the more common water-based washing systems.

One of the advantages of in-line cleaning and degreasing is that these operations can be carried out without interrupting the production flow. Furthermore, the washing system is automatic and does not require the presence of an operator.
Steam degreasing of sheets and coils is a real solution because it saves time, water consumption and the use of detergents as it is a totally ecological solution, using no more than 30 liters of water per hour.

A suction system equipped, if necessary, with an oil separator will recover the waste liquid.

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