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Steam is essential when it comes to public transport.
While exteriors are treated with industrial systems such as pass tunnels, steam cleaning is practical and efficient when it comes to interiors.
The Novaltec Group’s professional steam generators use a fast, economical and versatile system suitable for cleaning and sanitising corridors, toilets by spotting and sanitising floors and fabrics such as carpets, leather and/or fabric seats. The advantage of using steam lies in the speed of the cleaning time, as, after the treatment, the surfaces will be perfectly dry and therefore immediately reusable. For an even better result, the use of an ozone sanitiser guarantees the complete elimination of any type of odour, leaving the environment ecologically sanitised.

Benefits of using steam

  • savings in water use of around 90%;
  • ecological solution as no chemical detergents are used;
  • elimination of mould and bacteria;
  • elimination of unpleasant odours;
  • dry and sanitised surfaces in a short time.
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