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Car interior cleaning is now done with steam car washing. Easy, fast and practical thanks to the wide range of accessories for each surface, it allows you to go from washing the exterior of the car to the interior with maximum convenience and speed.
Steam is unbeatable for interiors and indispensable for sanitising, removing stains and sanitising upholstery. Excellent for sanitising vehicle interiors and upholstery, the advantages have resulted in great success for this technology and constant customer demand for interior and exterior steam washing.


  • using steam saves on waste water recovery and therefore on disposal, taxes and permits;
  • water consumption is very low, saving up to 90% compared to traditional cleaning;
  • compared to a pressure washer, there are no diesel costs (up to 6 litres/hour);
  • it speeds up the operation by saving as much as 30% of the time (the operator costs the most);
  • it is also effective without the use of chemicals (another major cost).
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