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Steam cleaning can be performed on vehicles of any kind, even on particularly delicate cars that are not suitable for normal car washes, such as vintage and luxury cars.

Steam is absolutely non-abrasive and perfectly replaces water jet or brush cleaning, without damaging the paintwork. In addition, car paints are highly weather-resistant and made to withstand extreme heat and cold. With steam car washing on the car exterior, the paintwork will shine brighter. Steam is ideal for all types of vehicles and the temperature of the steam is not a problem as it is adjusted by increasing the distance of the nozzle from the surface to be cleaned.


  • using steam saves on waste water recovery and therefore on disposal, taxes and permits;
  • water consumption is very low, saving up to 90% compared to traditional cleaning;
  • compared to a pressure washer, there are no diesel costs (up to 6 litres/hour);
  • it speeds up the operation by saving as much as 30% of the time (the operator costs the most);
  • it is also effective without the use of chemicals (another major cost).
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