Pawnee R

Professional Steam Machine

Main features of steam generator

The Pawnee R has condensed the company’s expertise and 20 years of experience into a steam generator.

This professional steam cleaner allows uninterrupted usage as it uses the refilling system to top up the water tank while the machine is running. The Pawnee R with integrated liquid vacuum cleaner is able to dissolve any type of grease and dirt and remove everything at the same time, leaving surfaces clean, disinfected and perfectly dry.


Pawnee R is excellent as a washer-dryer for floors inside kitchens and laboratories, and quick and easy for cleaning steel, where it eliminates stains. In addition, to ensure an even more effective cleaning action on resistant, built-up dirt, you can use the hot water and “vaporized detergent” function that gets the job done at high temperatures.

The option of measuring the detergent in micrograms eliminates any waste. Indispensable for cleaning cooking hoods and ventilation ducts, washing and drying glass and tiles, and eliminating the use of ladders and rags, this compact and robust steam cleaner sanitises in compliance with HACCP regulations thanks to the 160°C steam.

The Novaltec professional steam line is the most ecological and environmentally-friendly system for everyday cleaning.

Some advantages that the Pawnee R offers include:

  • eliminating mould and bacteria;
  • sanitising and cleaning mattresses, carpets and sofas;
  • cleaning corners, skirting boards and reaching the most hard-to-reach areas;
  • degreases and disinfects glass, tile and steel worktops;
  • washes and dries all kinds of flooring;
  • dissolves built-up stains and limescale;
  • cleans glues, silicones and removes chewing gum.