Dry Car

The Dry Car is a car interior drying device. This fantastic seat and upholstery dryer reduces turnaround times for returning cars to their owners. In fact, this efficient and safe car dryer allows you to return the car in less than an hour, even if the seats were very wet.

Dry Car does not use seat dryer bags, but rather uses two adjustable bars designed for all kinds of cars and 12 directional diffusers to guarantee even drying in a single process, thereby eliminating the risk of unpleasant odours or mould inside the cabin.


Dry Car is a professional dryer for car interiors that dries car seats and carpets using a strong flow of hot air, all automatically, without the need for an operator.
With Dry Car, you can choose whether to dry any type of fabric with hot air or to dry leather or delicate interiors with cold air, all in manual mode, or by setting the timer. The results will be excellent!

Simultaneous drying of all 5 seats, a timer, hot or cold air and an anti-tilt solution: for car washes, car detailing and car valeting, the solution is at your fingertips!