Automatic belt cleaning system

Main features of robo-steam

The Robo-Steam automatic belt cleaner allows for fully automated modular belt cleaning. This professional belt washer is composed by an aluminium and stainless steel frame and a 7″ control panel to set different parameters such as belt length, speed, sector numbers, etc.

Powered at 230 V, it mounts a brushless motor with height control.

Robo-Steam can be custom-built according to the customer’s needs, is easy to install and requires no modifications to the production line.

  • Automated system;
  • Customizable according to customer requirements;
  • Use of steam at 180°C with pressure up to 10 Bar.




Robo-Steam - Main Features

Robo-Steam - Conveyor Belt Cleaning

Robo-Steam - Cleaning intralox modular belt

Robo-Steam - Conveyor Belt Cleaning

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